Microsoft Access Database

Stuart has extensive experience of building databases using Microsoft Access.  Microsoft Access is a very sophisticated database developed by Microsoft.  Stuart has over 20 years experience of building databases to provide data entry, reporting across a number of sectors.  Microsoft Access is free to use for end users and so does not require licenses to be bought for each user.  It is also a great tool for combining data from multiple databases to provide the killer management report.

Contact Stuart if you would like help with any of the following:

  • How to get started with Microsoft Access.
  • Help with building a database using Microsoft Access.
  • Best practices with Microsoft Access – coding style, versioning, deploying.
  • Review your Microsoft Access database so you can learn and get even better.
  • Best techniques with building reports.
  • How to pull data from Microsoft Excel and also use Microsoft Excel as a charting tool.
  • Anything else not listed!